When you are thinking to buy house, Condo, Town home etc, you should know as new home buyer as follows:

  1. Mortgage: Mortgage is crucial point to buy the house. As a new home buyer, you should contract professional mortgage Broker or Banker to find out how much you are qualified to buy the home and to know the which rate is good for you fixed or Variable.
  2. Down payment:  Down payment is an important issue to buy the home. Because down payment money should be three month in your Bank account and it help you to save instant lot of money and longtime save the money and reduced the monthly mortgage payment.
  3. Home inspection : You should find out one qualified professional home Inspector because he/she helps you to identify house existing problem like water leakage ,appliance’s faultiness , infrastructure ,plumbing ,electrical and mechanical problem in the house.
  4. Lawyer : Professional lawyer is a vital factor to complete the deal because lawyer  find out all documentation process like title search , lien search , any due on hydro, gas ,tax and loan and finally transfer the title to the name of you.

If you are totally new and need really help, then you can contract one dynamic, expert, professional Realtor who arrange very thing and educate you before buying the house so that you can make the right decision to select the house.


Realtor Mohammad Awal

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